Jokers 4/6 XL Single-sided (colored pegs)

Jokers 4/6 XL Single-sided (colored pegs)
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This games is also been called Pegs and Jokers, Texas Jokers and Social Security just to name a few.  It's similar to the games of Trouble, Sorry and Aggravation but played with cards and the jokers are used.

Race your marbles around the board and try to get to your home position before your opponents can get to their home position.   There are hazards along the your opponents. They can send you back to start if they land on you or if they play a joker!

The game comes with 3 decks of cards, 30 pegs and playing instructions.   

Approximate dimensions:
Length: 19 3/4 inches
Width: 18 3/8 inches
Thick: 3/4 inch

Peg size:  1 1/8 inch long x 1/8" diameter

Weight: 9 lbs