Jokers - 6 Tracks

Jokers - 6 Tracks
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This games is also been called Pegs and Jokers, Texas Jokers and Social Security just to name a few.  It's similar to the games of Trouble, Sorry and Aggravation but it's played with cards instead of dice.

Race your marbles (or pegs) around the board and try to get to your home position before your opponents can get to their home position.   There are hazards along the your opponents. They can send you back to start if they land on you or if they play a Joker!

Set up is quick and easy. One end of the track has a wood pin and the other side a hole that allows you to easy connect each track to the other. This feature allows you to connect as few as 3 tracks or all 6 (or add as many as you want to buy). Included with your game is a re-closable box to store all the parts.

The game comes with 6 game tracks, 3 decks of playing cards, 30 marbles (or 30 pegs) and playing instructions.

Add tracks for more players and more fun. Each addition track includes an additional 5 marbles or pegs.  If you purchase additional tracks you may want to purchase additional decks of cards as well.


Approximate dimensions (individual track): 

Length: 13 inches
Width: 2 3/4 inch
Thick: 3/4 inch
Marble size: 9/16 inch diameter
Golf tee size: 2 inches length
Shipping weight: 6.52 lbs