Marble Chase "Plus", 6 - Folding

Marble Chase "Plus", 6 - Folding
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This game is similar to our standard Marble Chase game but has 2 extra playing hold along each spoke and has no center (shortcut) hole.  It's also played with a deck of cards instead of a dice which keeps the game moving.  

Race your marbles around the board and try to get to your home position before your opponents can get to their home. There are hazards along the your opponents. They can send you back to start if they land on you! This game board folds up with all the game pieces stored inside. Great for taking on a trip or to Grandma's house.

This game has also been called Carbles (ie: The words "cards" and "marbles" mashed together).

The game board is made from Oak and finished with a furniture quality laquer.

Includes six sets of four marbles (24 total), 1 deck of cards, and playing instructions.

Approximate Dimensions:
Length: 14 1/4 inch.
Width folded: 8 3/4 inch. (Open 17 1/2 inch.)
Thickness folded: 1 1/2 inch. (Open 3/4 inch.)
Marble diameter: 9/16 inch.
Shipping Weight: 5.2 lbs