Marble Chase Plus XL 4/6 double-sided (Tabletop), Custom

Marble Chase Plus XL 4/6 double-sided (Tabletop), Custom
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This is a game board we called Marble Chase Plus and it's a double-sided board. Side 1 is a 4 person game and side 2 allows up to 6 people to play. Some people play with dice and others play with a deck of cards. The choice is yours.   Race your marbles around the board and try to get to your home position before your opponents can get to their home. There are hazards along the your opponents. They can send you back to start if they land on you!

This game is known by over 50 different names. Here are just a few:
- Aggravation
- Bump
- Bump Off
- Carbles
- Don`t Get Mad
- Kick in the Pants
- Mad Dog
- Madness
- Marbles
- Pain
- Squish
- Sorry
- Trouble
- Wahoo

We also learned from two different customers that their grandfather made them the same game back in the late 1920's using barn wood and colored matchsticks. Be our guest and come up with your own name after playing.

Order today and start having fun! Let us know what you call the game.

The game board is made from Oak and finished with a furniture quality finish. Includes six sets of four marbles (24 total), 1 deck of cards, and playing instructions.

Approximate dimensions:
Length: 19 3/8 inches
Width: 19 3/8 inches
Thick: 3/4 inch
Marble size: 7/8 inch diameter

Approximate shipping weight:  10 lbs.