Round Solitaire/Fox and Geese - folding

Round Solitaire/Fox and Geese - folding
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There are two games that can be played on this game board.
The first one is Solitaire.
The challenging solitaire game will keep even the smartest of game players busy for hours. Remove each marble as you jump them and try to leave only 1 marble left on the board.
The second game is played with two people is called called Fox and Geese. One person is the fox and the other plays as the geese. The object for the fox is to capture all the geese. The object for the geese is to trap the fox so that the fox cannot move. There is only one fox but there are many geese. Switch roles and see if you can win being either the fox or the geese.
Instructions are provided for both games.
As with all of our marble games, the game is designed to be hung on the wall with the marbles stored in the unique marble slots prevents them from falling out. Comes with 32 colorful marbles and instructions. For ages 7 and up.
Approximate Dimensions:
Length: 11 inch.
Width folded: 3 3/8 inch; Open width 6 7/8 inches.
Folded thickness: 1 1/2 inch; Open thickness 3/4 inch.
Marble diameter: 9/16 inch.
Shipping Weight: 3.0 lbs